Inspiring Independence

In 2010, Waleska was in college. She had difficulty hearing and heard about CIL as a place where she could get an accessible phone. At the time, TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf). Here, she learned about some of the other services we offer the deaf community and a bit more about how she could help others in her situation. She began exploring more about how many in the deaf community were illiterate and how she could help. She worked with the Deaf Voice team, attended the Spanish ASL classes hosted by CIL, and began taking ASL classes in college to help her better instruct her peers. Thanks to her time at CIL, she currently volunteers at Lyman and Hagerty High Schools to help senior and junior students with multiple disabilities communicate. She is taking ASL classes to further she was receiving at CIL to assert herself and take on tutoring the deaf how to read over video phone. She currently tutors 4 students and still regularly attends ASL classes at both Valencia and CIL.

“I’m hearing impaired but I don’t let that stop me from being independent.” Waleska stated firmly. “CIL has pushed me forward, taught me how to communicate, and lifted me up. I want to give other people that same opportunity.”

She is currently working on obtaining her substitute teacher certification

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