Diverting from Homelessness to Independence

Jeanette needed a place to live. Her current apartment complex had become too expensive to renew her lease and she had received notification that an affordable housing complex had an apartment available for her. However, she was unable to afford the cost to move from her apartment into the affordable one. With only 10 days until she had to vacate her apartment and only $150 to her name, she was faced with the real possibility of becoming homeless. Quickly running out of options, she called CIL.

CIL’s case managers visited her home to determine how many things she had to move to an affordable apartment. They quickly discovered that she had no bed, no kitchen utensils, and only two outfits. The case managers immediately began working to make arrangements to have her things moved. A donor had given CIL a hospital bed that was delivered to Jeanette along with boxes for her to pack her belongings. CIL case managers also arranged for a group of volunteers to help her move to her new apartment. Within 4 days of calling CIL, Jeanette was moved into her new, affordable home.

Roughly a week after moving in Jeanette received a call from CIL asking how she was settling in to her new home with her new bed. While she was happy with her new home, she had been sleeping on the hospital bed without sheets or pillows. With funds provided by a gracious donor, CIL was able to provide Jeanette with a set of sheets and pillows and deliver them to her new apartment.

Today, Jeanette is very happy in her new home. She is living affordably and has access to bus service as well as many necessities of life such as grocery stores, her church, and many opportunities for social interaction. Additionally, she is happy to finally have an accessible restroom with grab bars provided by her new apartment complex. “I feel like I’m home here.” Jeanette recounts. “I always felt like I didn’t measure up at my old place. I’m very appreciative for all you have done.”