Every year the Center for Independent Living in Central Florida helps empower thousands of people with disabilities across Central Florida by providing access to resources and programs to help them achieve their goals for independence regardless of disability or age.

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Stroll 'n' Roll 2016

At this very moment over 800,000 people in Central Florida live with a disability. The Center for Independent Living in Central Florida's mission is to help every person with a disability, regardless of age, live independently and have the same opportunities to live and succeed as anyone else. To achieve this, CIL offers a mix of programs designed to enable people with disabilities with the skills, knowledge, and technology to take control of their lives and choose for themselves how they want to live.

Creating Opportunities for Disability Inclusion

Disability inclusion is a Civil Right. The Center for Independent Living works to create fully inclusive and accessible communities where everyone can meaningfully contribute regardless of disability. Our philosophy is based on peer role models: people with disabilities assisting people with disabilities on pathways toward independence. In Central Florida, CIL empowers thousands of lives every year – since 1976.

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